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Seven great reasons to bring your vehicle to us


Loan cars

Our five modern loan cars will keep you mobile so you can get to that important appointment, etc while we work on your vehicle. We also provide a drop off and pick up service within a 2km radius including the CBD saving you the hassle of finding a park. (Loan cars must be pre-booked, conditions apply.)


Quality servicing

Not sure what work has been done on your car? We keep 'patient notes' for your vehicle which include a minimum of 18 critical servicing components showing the day and kilometres that the work was carried out. This has been proven to keep our customers cars more reliable while keeping unexpected repairs to a minimum.


Trained technicians working in a modern and fully equipped workshop

With ongoing training to keep up with the latest technology, our highly skilled techs are able to service, repair and maintain all makes and models of vehicles. We have one of the best equipped workshops in the Waikato so that we can fix your car efficiently. We use premium quality products on your vehicle to ensure safety, reliability and longevity.


Repair estimates

When you're operating to a budget, it’s always useful to know the cost of the work that needs doing on your vehicle. Our normal process is to book the car in, check out the work required, provide a complete estimate, discuss and get your authorisation, and then carry out the work required. We can provide estimates without seeing the car, however this is less accurate.


Great service guaranteed

Automotive Solutions has had the same owner for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on, providing quality service and are dedicated to looking after our customers and their cars. We stand 100% behind the work we do.


Easy payment options


MTA & Automotive Solutions Nationwide member

We are proud members of both of these trusted brands, ensuring you, the customer piece of mind of dealing with a reputable business.

I know my wife and I are safe when we go on a long journey in our well maintained and reliable car; always serviced by Automotive Solutions.

Tu and Ann

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At Automotive Solutions Hamilton we are MTA assured. Automotive mechanics Hamilton. Automotive technicians Hamilton. Mechanics car servicing and repair

Opening hours

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